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(BOSTON) – Representative Cleon H. Turner (D-Dennis) has announced that he has reconnected Massachusetts residents with over $240,000 in unclaimed property.  

 Unclaimed property includes forgotten savings and checking accounts, un-cashed checks, insurance policy proceeds, stocks, dividends, and contents of unattended safe deposit boxes. Most accounts are considered “unclaimed” and turned over to the Massachusetts Treasurer’s office for safekeeping after three years with no activity.  

 “I’ve reconnected residents with over $240,000 but I’ve only put a dent in the list of First Barnstable District constituents with unclaimed property. I will be continuing my efforts in reaching out to people on the list” said Rep. Turner.   

 When State Treasurer Steven Grossman came into office he increased outreach of the Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Division. Legislators were given the names and addresses of constituents in their districts with claims to such property.

 “This is exactly why we instituted this legislative partnership,” said Treasurer Steven Grossman, who oversees the Unclaimed Property Division. “This is not the state’s money – it belongs to the citizens of the Commonwealth. The citizens of the First Barnstable district are fortunate to have Representative Turner working to reunite them with each and every dollar. ”

 “I knew that many of the people on the lists were deceased or had moved, so I had to do some necessary investigation before attempting to contact people whose names are on the list. Having been a detective on the Dennis police department was helpful in tracking some people down,” Turner joked.  “It would be both inefficient and embarrassing to simply send letters to addresses of people who have passed away or who moved some time ago,” Turner added. 

 In most cases, Representative Turner knocked on the door of people who are owed money. “It’s a great feeling to stand in front of someone and tell them that they have money they didn’t know about,” said Turner.

 The Unclaimed Property Division has more than 2 billion dollars of unclaimed property and it is the Treasurer’s goal to return as much as possible of that money to rightful owners. The Division has a website,, where you can search for property and make claims. You can also call 888-344-MASS.  People who Representative Turner has contacted need to contact the Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property Division.


“Constituents are also encouraged to contact my office at 617-722-2090 if they have any difficulty in filing a claim. We are happy to assist with the process,” said Rep. Turner. “The faster you file a claim, the sooner your property will be returned to you.”


For further information, please contact Elysse Magnotto at 617-722-2090, or by emailing